Advice on foreign trade

The constant changes in the customs unit of the European Union and many countries with preferential agreements, cause that companies must own a strong legislative support to benefit our customers. Sile Customs Broker provides an extensive legal advice services in foreign trade to optimize their operations.

Sile Customs Broker’s staffs are specialized on checking, analyzing and management of customs activities of our clients, giving special attention to the possibilities offered by the customs legislation and international trade’s rules.

The areas over import and export need advice and Sile Customs Broker offer following services:

Custom Tax

All goods require interpretation so they can be properly classified through the Community Customs Code. Knowledge and experience of Sile Customs Broker offers quick solution to get the requirements for import or export duties and VAT applicable, and other checks. The correct classification of goods is needed to avoid claims by the AEAT.

Customs Value

The customs value is the value used for customs duties and other import charges. A right stipulation of value is basic to determine the way our customers should add transportation costs, fees, discounts, commissions, etc. A wrong stipulation of value may affect the viability of the operation or reduce the benefit of it.

Goods origin

Sile Customs Broker advises about the benefits that can get an importer based on country of origin. We advise about the documents necessary to enjoy special treatment and will manage the necessary steps in the customs clearance. For this work is essential to know of EU customs regulations and international agreements held with several countries.

Legal support to the AEAT

Sile Customs Broker gives full support to the inspection required by Spanish Customs Authorities, defending our customer’s interests in ports and airports where we operate. We also represent clients if any additional documentation is required and help in the processing of appeals at the several administrations involved in international trade.

AEO Certificate issued by the AEAT to our company points out our special attention to customs procedures. Requirements and inspections required by the AEAT of operations managed by our company will benefit from special attention and agility by inspectors.

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