The distribution of goods imported or exported is a stage that can establish the speed of the operation in international trade. To pool logistics services with customs operations, turns out essential to optimize the benefits. Sile Customs Broker offers transport services, so you can make an effective coordination.

a. Maritime Transport
We manage the assignment of freights with the shipping companies that give you more benefits based on the goods type and route chosen. We choose ocean freight, coastal trade and feeders, personalized routes and transit times available to the needs of each case.
The Customs Broker Sile staff knows the elements involved in the regular cycle of operations, port system, itineraries, routes, packing, security, load conditions, legislation in force and responsibility, aspects that allow us to minimize delays and incidents, and advise our clients on the subject.

b. Land Transport
We offer a diverse transport service for both domestic and European routes. The land distribution remains one of the most important services to manage both, exports and logistics management of imported goods.
Sile Customs Broker offers door-to-door logistics solutions, multimodal transport and special charges (ADR) and other services.

c. Air Transport
Our logistics department negotiates with airlines and handling, the best deals to fit the needs of international or national air transport.

d. Insurance Management
To minimize the risks of transactions in international trade is one of the most important objectives of Sile Customs Broker. For this reason, we offer our clients advice and procedures of individual insurance to guarantee a perfect logistics operation to each transport, to minimize unsound goods and damaged goods, and be able to realize national claims and to avoid the desertion of insurance companies from third countries.

e. Advice
Sile Customs Broker gives supports of customs and logistics operations in order to provide a highly effective service.
We make plans for logistics related to international business operations with several customs around principal’s world ports and with in the national and European wide coverage.

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